If you are an AZPOST certified police officer and would like to register for off-duty traffic/Security please complete the form below.

Register-Police Officer ***IMPORTANT***


Use this form to request assignment to a future job. If you are not registered with Shumway Security please register or call 928-772-7075.

Police Officer Post-and Request

  • Upcoming Payroll periods 2018
    Jan 1st-Pay's week of 12/10 to 12/16
    Jan 8th-Pay's week of 12/17 to 12/23
    Jan 15th-Pay's week of 12/24 to 12/30
    Jan 22nd-Pay's week of 12/31 to 1/6
    Jan 29th-Pay's week of 1/7 to 1/13
    Feb 5th-Pay's week of 1/14 to 1/20
    Feb 12th-Pay's week of 1/21 to 1/27
    This link above for information purposes.
    Phx PD or MCSO only
    Phx PD or MCSO only
    Any agency but Phx PD (Perm position available every other Sunday)

Reporting Hours

Please complete to report your hours worked.

Reporting Hours-Police Officer ***IMPORTANT***